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Title: ABS delete
Post by: FunkyPhil on April 20, 2017, 06:55:14 AM
Fuckin homo ass "how-to" but here ya go! Should be right up Tye and Ryans alley!

Do you have one of these sets?
No? Go to your nearest VatoZone or the like and rent, buy, steal, or borrow from someone that stole one and keep it Foorreffur!

Remove this shit and toss it in the trash

Should leave you with these in the way.

unscrew from proportioning valve and remove

Cut remaining line roundabouts here

rebend to here, I just did it buy hand. Be sure not to kink. Remember, shits gonna be hidden and a pain in the "D" to access once everything is reinstalled.

remember these?
Steal the nicest looking one and clean it thoroughly. Any dirt in there could produce a leak. Now install it on the line you just cut and rerouted.

double flare using this tool. I put a little grease in the area to be flared to help prevent any tearing. If you dont know how to use, your on the internet.... google that shit.

Should look like this but hopefully much better. If not, remember, no one will see it.

Now rather than traveling from the brake master cyl across the bay to the rear ABS unit and back to damn near where it came from, itll just be from the master cyl to prop valve.


Before you put everything back together:
Check your line routing to make sure it isnt chaffing on anything.
Make sure everything is tight.
Top off brake fluid.
Clean and dry the area around your new flare.
Perform a brake system bleed. If you dont know how to, your on the internet.... google that shit.
Once your bleed is finished have someone stand on the brake pedal like they just woke up from a winter slumber and are headed toward a wall of spikes and dildo's. (Unless your Tye. Would hate for you to accelerate and open your mouth.)

Now watch closely to see if any brake fluid begins to leak. Remember you, your passengers, and many others lives will depend on this. If it leaks redo, or replace the line entirely with a pre-flared and nutted (like Tyes ass) brake line from the parts store.

This was the cheap/free way I always do it. PERFORM AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Remember, if you have leaky plumbing.....Tye is watching

Title: Re: ABS delete
Post by: wrngwae on April 21, 2017, 08:45:21 AM
I did mine even gayerer. I just got a piece to reconnect the lines uncase I wanted to reinstall it later
Title: Re: ABS delete
Post by: intercooledflatty on October 17, 2017, 09:11:25 AM
pre-flared and nutted (like Tyes ass)

Title: Re: ABS delete
Post by: wrngwae on October 17, 2017, 06:57:34 PM