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Title: My White 87 TSI "Bonemarrow"
Post by: JoshTrup on April 25, 2018, 04:19:24 PM
Hello everyone I just registered here. My name is Josh I am from Socal originally, but live in norcal during the college school year. On my last break at home in Socal I picked up my 2nd 87 Conquest. It is a nice solid complete car but needs a lot of work. It is white, 150k mi, 5 speed, maroon leather, sunroof, everything stock, minus an 89 flywheel and 89 ecu. The P.O used to daily it when about 5 years ago a coolant line he was having issues with blew and the headgasket went. He parked it as is, with all fluids, for the next 5 years. While it was sitting, the driver side fender got hit by a truck, but was replaced. I snagged it for 500$ .

Here are some pics of it when I went to check it out:

After I towed it home, washed & cleaned it, inside and out:

Thought maybe I could salvage the motor and just do top end, started to tear it apart, to decide otherwise:

Found a Motor and lot of other parts that came with it:

Motor specs:
- .40 over Forged JE piston set
- Hastings piston rings
- NJV head
- ARP head stud kit
- Ajusa metal head gasket
- Balance shaft eliminator kit & timing kit combo
- TEP ground camshaft (270 degree duration I think)
- Adjustable cam gear
- New oil pump
- New water pump
- and more


Later picked up an 83 fiberglass reproduction hood:

Boostedmini mazda tps kit:

I've also been starting to order all of the hoses and other parts i'll need to get an old car like this running again, it sat for about 4-5 years. So there's going to be a good amount of stuff. I'm using Rockauto for everything as I've found they have the cheapest prices.

I went through their entire section for conquest parts and heres a list of what I have in mind to order so far, to get this car from sitting for 5 years into becoming my daily driver, let me know if i'm forgetting anything important, i'm sure I am, and this list is too short, LOL.

All heater hoses
Both radiator hoses
Water pump & alternator belt
AC belt
Power steering belt
Neg. post to ground cable
Pos. post cable
Right and left motor mounts
Turbo mounting gaskets
Intake mani gasket
TBI gasket rebuild kit
02 sensor
Distributor Rotor
Ignition coil (any recommendations on this?)
Thermostat (what temp should I go with?) 170 degrees?
Fuel filters (any recommendations on these?)
Front and rear wiper blades

and obviously go through the suspension and brake system first to actually see what needs to be replaced.

After a little more digging I've decided more of exactly what I want to do with the car.
It's going to cost a "bit" more $$ but I think it will be worth it. After I get everything replaced and everything back together in the car, I want to get it running stock for a couple weeks or so make sure everything is solid. Once I feel safe and confident in the capability of my car and its build I want to start reaching for some power, my goal is 300HP on TBI. I'll be adding the following upgrades:

- MSD Blaster 2 coil
- NGK BUR7EA-11 (7031) spark plugs
- Spitfire plug wires
- 3" GM Maf
- 1g Maf Translator
- 3" K&N air filter
- APSX Wideband & Boost Gauge
- Intercooler and 2.25" piping
- Aluminum Griffin Radiator
- Ported 14g turbo at 15psi
- Ported & stress relieved stock exhaust manifold
- 2.5" downpipe & full exhaust
- Braided turbo oil & coolant lines (if in the budget)
- Walbro 255LHP GSL392 fuel pump
- Fuel pressure regulator
- Fuel pressure Gauge

After I get all of these pieces in place, I will upgrade yet again. Hoping for a tdo6sl2 18g, at 20psi (if I can find one), and get an SAFC2 for better tuning points. Thanks for taking the time to read this far. Any input is appreciated.

Title: Re: My White 87 TSI "Bonemarrow"
Post by: FunkyPhil on April 30, 2018, 11:46:34 PM
Awesome man! Stick with it and be calculated. Makes it more fun!
Title: Re: My White 87 TSI "Bonemarrow"
Post by: notstock88 on May 03, 2018, 01:21:44 PM
Looks like your off the right start! Great working cleaning this up.
Title: Re: My White 87 TSI "Bonemarrow"
Post by: JoshTrup on May 04, 2018, 02:13:54 AM
Thanks, I wasn't sure if anyone was still on here these days. Looks like its not completely dead. 2 more weeks of school then I can really get to work on her.
Title: Re: My White 87 TSI "Bonemarrow"
Post by: FunkyPhil on July 25, 2018, 10:45:35 AM
Ready to see progress!
Title: Re: My White 87 TSI "Bonemarrow"
Post by: JoshTrup on May 01, 2019, 10:06:44 PM
Major updates to the build thread, I went ahead and added everything on the other site. Didnt realise I cant copy and paste the photos And it took a while. So ill just leave this here and you can check out the updates. Ive been driving the car for just about a year now. Its doing great!

Title: Re: My White 87 TSI "Bonemarrow"
Post by: JoshTrup on May 01, 2019, 10:08:08 PM
Ill just leave this one here  8)